Pre-Rolls for Orange County Cannabis Delivery

Regular Rolls - Sativa or Indica


 Pre-rolls rolled up for you using our top shelf flower you have grown to love.  These joints are great for when you don't have access to your bong, and just want something simple. Each pre-roll is about a gram of top shelf flower, and available in uplifting Sativa or body relaxing Indica flower. Nothing else added, just flower! Clean, and simple!

  • Available in Sativa or Indica marijuana
  • THC: 30 - 34%,  SB420, HS 11352.5 compliant  
  • @ 1 Gram of Top Shelf Weed in each roll
  • $15.00 per single pre-roll or 3 for $45.00

Premium Pre-Rolls w/ Oil and Kief


Premium Cannabis clinic joint infused with distillate oil, and rolled in keif. Basically a super joint stuffed with premium weed, oil and kief. You will be the hit of the party when you pass this pre-roll around! Call today to schedule your Orange County cannabis delivery. These premium rolls pack a punch!


  • Premium flower (no shake), oil, kief......all rolled up for you!
  • THC: 30 - 34%,  SB420, HS 11352.5 compliant  
  • 1.3 Grams of Premium Dispensary Weed
  • $20.00 per Premium pre-roll