San Clemente Marijuana Delivery

 This  marijuana oil extract is perfect for dabbing, or if you simply want to  check out for an hour or two. Not for beginners, this shatter will make  you find your happy place whether you want to or not! 


  • THC: 95%
  • $50.00 donation per gram


Marijuana Crumble in Dana Point

 The  crumble of dried oil extraction, great to be smeared on the inside of a  blunt or sprinkled on top of a bowl. Not for beginners, and can be  messy stuff to work with, but will definitely get you super high. 


  • THC: 91% 
  • $30.00 donation per  0.5 gram

Luna Kief

Dana Point Cannabis Kief

Top Shelf Indoor high grade cannabis oil Kief.  Add a pinch of this Kief to a joint you are rolling, or a bowl you are smoking, and you will soaring to the moon.   


  • THC: 90% 
  • $20.00 donation per package
  • One gram per package